Obama throws backing to Delco Dem hopefuls

October 3, 2018



As local Democrats celebrated endorsements by former President Barack Obama, the state Republican Party said the move just draws attention to the extreme left.


On Monday, Obama released another wave of endorsements, including a group running in Delaware County races by tweeting, "Today, I’m proud to endorse even more Democratic candidates who aren’t just running against something, but for something — to expand opportunity for all of us and to restore dignity, honor, and compassion to public service. They deserve your vote."

Among those he endorsed were 5th U.S. Congressional candidate Mary Gay Scanlon; 26th state Senate candidate Tim Kearney; and the following state representative candidates: Mike Zabel (163), Jennifer O'Mara (165), Kristin Seale (168) Dave Delloso (162) and Anton Andrew (160).


On her Facebook page, Scanlon wrote, "I couldn't think of a more exciting way to kickstart this week! Grateful to have received President Barack Obama's endorsement and to be listed among so many incredible PA candidates."


Asking his supporters to spread a graphic of him and Obama, Kearney wrote, "President Barack Obama just endorsed our campaign! He knows we can #FlipThe26th, but we'll need YOUR help to get our message out. Please spread the word!"


Zabel wrote that the amount of texts he received in the first 20 minutes after getting the endorsement was overwhelming.


"We are so, so proud to announce President Barack Obama's endorsement of our campaign," he wrote. "We are a grassroots campaign working to promote the basic ideals of fairness, equity and accountability, things that our community is hungry for in Harrisburg.


"We cannot do this without your help and that's exactly why President Obama is making key endorsements in these campaigns across the country," he continued. "He knows what happens when people get to work, pounding the pavement and having conversations with their neighbors."


O'Mara told supporters Obama's support joined more than 40 unions, progressive organizations, local committees and elected officials in endorsing her.


"I'm proud to have the endorsement of such a dedicated public servant," she said. "The first vote I ever cast was for Obama in 2008. I'm running a campaign for the same reasons President Obama did in 2008 - because we need change, honest governance and to put power back in the hands of the people."


Seale wrote on her Facebook page, "Friends, Family, & Supporters: MAJOR News! This year has been full of highlights and honors, but nothing has floored me more than this. I still call him My President, and their beautiful First Family means so much to our family. I am deeply grateful, honored and humbled to receive this endorsement!"


Delloso simply said, "Breaking: President Obama is on #TeamDave!"


Officials from the Republican Party, however, offered a different view of the endorsements.


"Openly endorsing socialist candidates that want to insert government into the lives of individuals in some of the most intrusive ways possible and others who wish to open our borders and raise taxes on hardworking Americans to extreme levels, shows just how out of touch Barack Obama is," Jason Gottesman, communications director of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, said.


"Barack Obama's endorsements do little to move the needle other than drawing attention to the extreme socialist left and the danger posed by their positions," Gottesman continued. "By endorsing these candidates, Barack Obama is showing his interest is not in helping to move the country forward, but in elected candidates that will continue to obstruct a pro-growth agenda."



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