Attorney General Josh Shapiro Endorses Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District

October 17, 2018

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced today his support for Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon, a public interest lawyer and longtime advocate for children and low-income families.


“The stakes have never been higher and the opportunity for progress has never been greater,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. “I’ve known Mary Gay for quite some time, have admired her work as a public interest lawyer and her commitment to being a voice and advocate for those most vulnerable in our community, especially children. She has the knowledge and passion for the issues most important to families in this district and is the right person to be a check on this administration. We get the government we elect and the only way we change it is if we show up to vote.”


“I decided to run for Congress because I’m tired of playing defense, and for women, children and our seniors paying the price when this administration ignores the rule of law and our basic human rights,” Scanlon said. “Attorney General Shapiro’s work exemplifies what is possible when we elect people unafraid to challenge the status quo and to be a check on this administration. I’m honored to have received his endorsement and support throughout this campaign.”


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