Scanlon Campaign Momentum Growing Swiftly: Three Democratic Committee Endorsements Wednesday Night

The Marple Newtown Democratic Committee, Eddystone Democratic Committee, and Swarthmore College Democrats all endorsed Mary Gay Scanlon’s campaign for Congress on Wednesday night.


These endorsements come after the Delaware County Democratic Committee 5th CD convention where Delaware County Democratic committee members made it clear that Mary Gay Scanlon is the favorite of Delco Democrats to become the Democratic nominee on May 15th. These committee endorsements add to the endorsements of the Lansdowne Dems, Swarthmore Dems, and the Nether Providence Dems. The local committees are joined by Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky and former Governor Ed Rendell.


“The Marple Newtown Democratic Committee voted to endorse Mary Gay Scanlon on the first ballot. It is becoming more clear every day that Mary Gay Scanlon is the candidate that most Democrats in Delaware County want to see as their Democratic nominee and eventual Congresswoman,” said Claude Falcone, Chair of the Marple Newtown Committee. “She is a tough and smart and will be a voice for us in D.C. It is important that we swiftly unite behind Mary Gay Scanlon in this primary so we can send a clear signal to voters that Delco Democrats are organized and ready to send a Congresswoman prepared to fight the Trump agenda to Washington D.C..”


“We must renew our commitment to quality public education because it makes us stronger, more innovative, and helps us prevail through hard times. Mary Gay Scanlon is truly committed to investing more in public education and we need her in Congress,” said Claire Wilson, Chairwoman of the Eddystone Democratic Committee. “She is the is the clear choice to unite the party and the best candidate to win against the Republican in the fall.”


The Swarthmore College Democrats also endorsed Mary Gay Scanlon. Calla Bush, Communications for SCD said, “She is progressive on all issues but at risk of losing to a lesser candidate due to the number of people running and splitting the votes.” Looking ahead to the general election, Sam Wagner identified Scanlon as the “best candidate to take on [presumptive Republican nominee] Pearl Kim in the general election. “Mary Gay has progressive values and is in touch with the people of Delaware County and the unique needs that different parts of the county have,” Dylan Clairmont, Sec of Outreach said.


“The committees that are endorsing this campaign have been working hard and fighting the Delco GOP machine for years and they know what tough fights are,” said Mary Gay Scanlon. “That’s why I am proud to have the support of local committee people because I know that if we are going to lift all campaigns in the fall we will need every pair of hands and every set of boots on the ground we can get,” said Mary Gay Scanlon. “We want to unify Democrats going forward to May 15th and we will look forward to helping elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November.”



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