Mary Gay Scanlon Receives Endorsement of the Lansdowne Democratic Committee

The Lansdowne Democratic Committee has endorsed Mary Gay Scanlon in the 5th Congressional District election. This endorsement comes on the heels of the Delaware County Democratic Committee 5th CD convention on Sunday night. Delaware County Democratic committee members made it clear that Mary Gay Scanlon is the favorite to become the Democratic nominee on May 15th and the Lansdowne Democratic Committee endorsement adds to that momentum.


Charlotte Hummel, Chairwoman of the Lansdowne Democratic Committee had this to say regarding the endorsement:


"Our committee endorsement reflects our feeling that we need a candidate with the broadest appeal to voters across the whole of the 5th Congressional district. Mary Gay Scanlon's record on the issues voters care the most about makes her that candidate," said Charlotte Hummel, chairwoman of the Lansdowne Democratic Committee. "One issue motivating Lansdowne committee members to support Mary Gay Scanlon is her stellar record fighting for equitable education funding for all children. The William Penn School District here in Lansdowne is at the forefront of the fight for equity in education and we need someone like Mary Gay Scanlon who will fight for all our children to have the resources they need for a quality education. Lansdowne voters also like people who take action and Mary Gay and her team of pro bono attorneys sprang into action to fight the spiteful and unconstitutional Trump travel ban by mobilizing, going to airports, and fighting to prevent people from being unjustly sent back to dangerous situations. That is the kind of candidate we need representing Democrats in November and that is the kind of Congresswoman we need fighting the Trump agenda."


Mary Gay Scanlon responding to news of the Lansdowne Democratic Committee endorsement had this to say:


“I am honored, humbled and pleased to have received the endorsement of the Lansdowne Democrats tonight. Our campaign has always been about uniting Democrats to send someone to Washington who will not just stand up to the Trump administration but who will promote a progressive agenda on equitable education, civil rights, voting rights, criminal justice reform, economic justice and other issues,” said Mary Gay Scanlon. “We want to unify Democrats going forward to May 15th and we will be taking our campaign to all parts of the Pennsylvania 5th district with a positive message to flip this seat for Democrats in November.”

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