Former Governor Ed Rendell Endorses Mary Gay Scanlon at South Philly Press Conference



Former Governor Ed Rendell endorsed Mary Gay Scanlon in the newly drawn Pennsylvania 5th Congressional District at a press conference today in South Philadelphia.



“This is no time for women to be seen and not heard. We need women to lead, we need women to disrupt, we need women to make change, and there is no better person running for Congress when it comes to having the fire and the passion to make change than Mary Gay Scanlon,” said Governor Rendell.



“Mary Gay Scanlon is not just some “Johnny come lately” to the issues we care about. Mary Gay Scanlon has been leading the fight against voter suppression. She has been leading the fight against the NRA and for responsible gun legislation. She has been leading the fight against unlawful and brutal immigration policies for a long time. She is a Fighter with a capital “F” and a tough, smart, progressive,” said the former Governor and former Mayor of Philadelphia.



“I knocked on doors for Governor Rendell decades ago when he was running for Mayor of Philadelphia. Now I am humbled and proud to have his endorsement as we take the fight for progressive values to Washington. Governor Rendell knows what tough fights are and he knows what it takes to beat back Republican legislation and attacks,” said Mary Gay Scanlon “That’s why I am proud to have him standing here with me today. I am going to campaign hard to earn the support of voters all across the district, whether they are from South Philadelphia, Lower Merion, Ridley or Chester.”



“I will fight for women to be at the center of decision making in Washington. I pledge to fight the NRA every single day until we have responsible gun legislation. I will fight on behalf of the vulnerable and for those who aren’t able to fight for themselves. I pledge to fight the spiteful Trump agenda and the Republicans, mostly men, who enable it,” said Mary Gay Scanlon.



“I will be an advocate for the immigrants who make our country both stronger and greater. I will work for small businesses trying to compete in an environment dominated by big corporations. I pledge to fight for students and parents who aren’t getting the resources they need in our schools. All children deserve a quality education whether they live in Kingsessing or Lower Merion or Chester or Upper Darby or Wallingford or South Philly. I am asking the voters to send me to Congress. I won’t be quiet, I won’t give up, and I won’t stop fighting for all of us.”


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