My Proposal To Reduce Gun Violence

March 15, 2018


When I first learned of the Columbine Shooting in April of 1999, my heart sank. I knew that I was not alone. We needed action. We needed change. The One Million Moms March was planned for Mother's Day the following year and many people in Delco expressed interest in joining hundreds of thousands in DC. I organized a group and filled two busses as we made our way to the Capitol to demand action to reduce gun violence. 


Nearly 20 years later, the voices of millions continue to fall on the deaf ears of our representatives in Congress who have been bought by the NRA. 


Every day, 96 Americans die from gun violence. Not even our most precious spaces, our schools and churches, are immune. Many gun deaths are preventable, and research clearly shows that states with stricter gun laws have lower rates of gun violence. Now more than ever, we must pass sensible gun policy reform.  


I'm committed to common sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. I will continue to be an advocate for sensible and responsible solutions to gun violence. In Congress, I will introduce and support policies including, but not limited to:


Implement Stronger and Universal Background Checks


94% of Americans support background checks for all gun purchases. Background checks are the easiest and most effective way to keep guns out of the hands of violent people and prevent gun deaths. We must also restrict the ability of those on the terrorism watch list from purchasing firearms with measures to support due process.


Close Gun Show Loopholes


The 1968 Gun Control Act allows for unlicensed, private citizens to sell firearms to any individual at a “gun show” without a background check or sales record.  Eliminating this gun show loophole will prevent criminals from buying guns and decrease the distribution of guns into the black market.


Age Restrictions


Raise the age for purchase of firearms. If you can’t buy a beer, you can’t buy a gun.


Reinstate 1994 Assault Weapon Ban


We need to restrict access to weapons of war that can be used to commit mass murder. The 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban should be reinstated and ownership of such weapons by private citizens should be regulated and monitored through a thorough background check.


Require Domestic Abusers to Surrender Firearms


The gun homicide rate for women in the United States is 16 times higher than in the rest of the developed world. Restricting the sale or possession of guns to perpetrators of domestic abuse and those who have protection orders against them will protect American women and their families. Gun owners who have protection orders filed against them should be required to turn over their firearms to law enforcement until a judicial determination or mental health assessment is made.


Funding Research into the Causes of Gun Violence


The NRA has successfully blocked research into gun violence by the CDC and other federal entities for decades. It has blocked proper reporting of gun violence incidents to prevent independent researchers from obtaining consistent and in depth data to prevent gun violence. That practice must end. We must fully fund gun violence research so that efforts to reduce gun violence can be informed by scientific opinion as well as constitutional concerns.


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